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Dongguan baifang jianhang machinery parts co., ltd. was founded in 2000, we are a self-created brand (baifang jianhang) company, with a strong r & d team, production team, sales team, after-sales team. The main products are: CNC lathe spring chuck, CNC lathe spindle sleeve, front push chuck, front push chuck, spindle flange, PCB electronic chuck, high precision testing equipment fixture, intelligent automotive air conditioning compressor series special fixture, hollow rotary cylinder, hollow hydraulic chuck and so on. Products are widely used in CNC lathes, hydraulic lathes, CNC machining centers, mining machine tools, winding machines, walking machine and so on.

Company technical force, strong production force strength, has many advanced production equipment, special equipment, more than ten years has been focused on the research and development of machine tool jig, with the leading technology of machine tool jig invention patent. Our standardized production process, professional technical personnel, the production of repeated clamping precision, long life, reasonable price of quality products.

"The machine tool is strong, the industry is strong, the industry is strong, the country is strong" this idea is deeply engraved in our hearts, all the staff of baofang jianhang promise: we are willing to walk on the bright road of national strength and people's safety for the motherland, dedicate our own strength. The aigo series products are manufactured to replace imported machine tool parts.

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