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Now, we are working when the use of machinery, this can improve efficiency, so we have many CNC lathe chuck manufacturers around, it can improve efficiency and save costs. Today, CNC lathe chuck manufacturers tell you three characteristics of CNC lathe, respectively as follows:

The numerical control lathe USES the binary mathematics method to input, the processing process may arbitrarily program, the spindle and the feed speed may according to the processing technology demand change, the numerical control lathe and may complete the multi-coordinate linkage, easy to process the miscellaneous curved surface. For the processing target has the characteristics of "changeability, changeability, changeability", easy to change batch adjustment, CNC lathe can complete a variety of miscellaneous small batch flexible production, to meet the needs of the society for product diversification. The price demand of CNC lathe correctly analyzes the economic rationality of its application;

CNC lathe using hardware and software combination, can complete the information feedback, compensation, active acceleration and deceleration and other functions, CNC lathe can further improve the machining accuracy, efficiency, degree of initiative;

CNC lathe is an electromechanical machine tool based on electronic control, giving full play to the advantages of microelectronics, computer technology, easy to complete the information, intelligent, networking, can easily form a variety of advanced production system, CNC lathe can maximize the progress of industrial yield, labor yield.