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CNC lathe chuck chuck chuck in the processing of the workpiece, if there is no clamping the workpiece, the precision of the workpiece is processed to meet the requirements, affecting the production. The following is not clamping jaw workpiece fault analysis, and put forward a solution.

Reason 1: the clamping surface of the clamping jaw does not meet the requirements of processing requirements;

Treatment measures: rework the claw to meet the requirements.

Reason two: the workpiece axial clamping of the effective size is short;

Treatment: increase the length of clamping.

Reason 3: insufficient pressure provided;

Treatment: increase the input pressure.

Reason four: the degree of lubrication of the claw is not enough;

Treatment: add lubricating oil to the claw.

Reason 5: the internal trachea of the spindle is twisted and the ventilation is not smooth;

Treatment measures: readjusted trachea to ensure unobstructed trachea.