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The precision of spindle chuck of nc lathe is one of the important factors that affect the workpiece processing. The reasons for the poor accuracy of spindle chuck of CNC lathe are analyzed and the treatment methods are given.

Failure reason 1: because of long-term use, the clamping surface of the claw is worn;

Processing measures: re-boring three claws, so that its precision to meet the processing requirements.

Fault cause 2: in the process of processing, the clamping surface of the claw or the surface of the workpiece is not clean enough;

Treatment: when clamping the workpiece, keep the clamping surface and workpiece surface clean.

Failure reason 3: when the jaw is replaced, the first, second and third jaw are installed in the wrong order;

Treatment: install the claw in sequence.

Failure reason four: chuck claw repair does not meet the standards;

Treatment: repair the claw.

Failure reason 5: the accuracy of the transition plate does not meet the installation requirements;

Processing measures: according to the requirements of the configuration of the transition disk.

Six reasons for failure: there are sundries between the jaw and tooth surfaces;

Treatment: keep jaw tooth surface clean.